Back from Bioneers

Bioneers wrapped (and rapped) up Saturday evening. The scientific, spiritual, and artistic aspects of the movement were all pretty well represented at the conference, supporting and reinforcing each other… that’s one thing that I really like about Bioneers in general.  I think there’s still a lot of room for growth, and I look forwards to seeing that happen.

A few highlights from Bioneers:

– One of the most powerful things I saw was I encourage you to watch their video, it’s not long. “Saving the world” in four years? Doable. That is an AWESOME message and I’m inclined to believe it.

– Finally watching YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip – Inspiring, very fun, and generally lovely – it’s all about the great things going on around the country.

– Listening to Jane Goodall speak from the central Bioneers conference while doing yoga (poorly!). [Editor’s Note: I was the one doing yoga poorly, not Jane Goodall.]

– Playing conga for the InterPlay workshop, with Jesse on piano while two adorable little girls played percussion.

I was not quite omnipresent, but I did fill in the spaces of the conference, playing a few songs here and there and mostly just filling the room with improvisation which I hoped was inspiring, sometimes challenging, but positive.

Meta Musings

From this first post, we can ascertain two things about this mysterious, self-referential dark horse blogger:

1.  He likes to make musical puns.  It is possible that he plays an instrument, or otherwise, may just know a thing or two (even three?) about orchestras.

2. Whoever this Benjamin fellow is, it seems that he is in favor of the greatening of consciousness… or at very least, accepts it as inevitable and embraces it.

First Post!

The first post is a crucial time in the gestation of a blog, because, while quickly buried beneath an influx of posts-to-come, it helps to set the tone for all subsequent web-related logs.

Here, the tone will be A440 (concert pitch).

Peace out.  Let the greatening of consciousness begin.

–  Benjamin