Dating a vampire? :-)=

It’s a question I’m sure we’ve all considered: should we date that hot vampire who lives in the castle across from the mall? On the one hand, they’re a controlling jerkwad, but on the other, they’re all tragic and stuff, and they sparkle as they brood.

Allow me to interject with a bit of my own hard-won experience in the field of, you know, not dating vampires.

Bass provided by James Rushin. Some great feedback both from him and from my dear brother Christopher helped hone the song to a fine point.

We are Safe and Sound :)

I just celebrated my one-year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend, and this is one of her presents. Think she’ll like it? :)

Listen to “Safe and Sound” (Capital Cities cover)

The original is a lovely song, very sweet, positive, and uplifting, and one of her favorites. I finished the final draft this morning. Look for a new video on our YouTube channel this week, too!