You’re Beautiful! There’s So Much In Your Heart They Haven’t Seen.

We just entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest, and the video is fantastic!

We performed my song Beautiful (So Much In Your Heart), a positive song about self-worth and the parts of ourselves that people write off. I like to summarize it as: You are beautiful and you matter. What happens to you matters.

Hope you like it! And please do share it with those who will benefit from its message.

Angela Baughman as recording and mix engineer
Alex R recording video

CJ Young on djembe
Elizabeth Joy Cook on cello
Stacey K on vocals
Stephanie Miller on flute.
James Rushin on bass and vocals
On yeah, and that Benjamin guy on piano and vocals and songwriting and stuff.

Special thanks go to Feng Yu for telling me that my original draft was too samey, and to Katy for shaping the vocal arrangement by telling me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

Dating a vampire? :-)=

It’s a question I’m sure we’ve all considered: should we date that hot vampire who lives in the castle across from the mall? On the one hand, they’re a controlling jerkwad, but on the other, they’re all tragic and stuff, and they sparkle as they brood.

Allow me to interject with a bit of my own hard-won experience in the field of, you know, not dating vampires.

Bass provided by James Rushin. Some great feedback both from him and from my dear brother Christopher helped hone the song to a fine point.