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It's Never Too Late to Retire (Play Golf with Seraphim!)

a.k.a. Simon's song which he sings to Reynolds while the latter lies dying

For the musical: Waiting Room

Mr. Reynolds, it's been years since I plumbed for you
but you always seemed a nice man, and I couldn't help but rue
that as you turned away, you were caught like the rest.
Bound by riches, Mr. Reynolds, or what held you obsessed.
You were covered by those lovely bits of life.
but could you really see the finer things in life?

You have no idea, how much it meant to me
To unclog a toilet for someone and to look on their face and see,
As they turn away, an honest look of glee
It was long hours, Mr. Reynolds, but there was a light at the end
I could almost see a job well done.
I was nearly at a job well done.

But due to a heart condition dire
I died before I could retire
Death claimed me before the AARP
so come with Simon, and all your time will be free
for it's high time we relax, kick back, and enjoy life post-mortem.

As you look on your life, at a life's hard work
in the end, haven't we all tried just as hard as we can?
As you turn away, on your way to rest,
take my hand, Mr Reynolds, for we've all done our best.
Do you see a job well done?
Can you see a job well done?

Mr. Reynolds, will you come, will you take an eternal breather?
There's no need to fret, or be an overachiever
As we turn away, towards a more permanent home
and stretch our legs, at last set free from old flesh and bone
Do you see a job well done?
Can you see a job well done?

With your last breath, as you expire
take my hand, and we'll retire.
We'll play golf with seraphim and then
dine with cherubs, and go to bed by ten.
We'll never be working again, Mr. Reynolds.
We'll rest until God-knows-when.

Copyright © 2010 For Greater Consciousness (Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh), some rights reserved.

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