For Greater Consciousness | Socially Conscious Piano Rock

The Long Shower

Long in the shower, it takes all afternoon
to get all the dirt off. It's a funny thing I have to do.
Fighting life's grime takes all my free time.

If I knew that I'd be okay, I would throw all of my soap away
Maybe then my skin wouldn't get so raw, but how would I wash all my sins away?
Can't you see that I'm feeling trapped? That's why my hands are always chapped.
The phrase "all washed up" has somehow never seemed quite this apt.

Are you sure that you've washed that? It could be coated with germs.
Me and bacteria — and filth — can never come to terms.
Even if I wanted to, I could never ever stop.

If I was sure that things would be okay, I would let this soap gently slide away.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say,
but you know what, I've tried it, and I still feel pretty far away.
I can look around me but I'll never touch, I would have to rinse my hands far too much.
This uncanny devotion keeps a lot of things just out of my clutch.

I can see that it hurts me but it just feels so right.
You can laugh if you want, but it keeps me up at night,
wondering whether the last person in the bathroom washed their hands
before they turned out the light.


Do you feel the need to distance yourself from everything wrong?
Sometimes I think this is how I do it, by washing everything for far too long.
Like a switch that gets stuck on inside my brain, if you know what I mean
So I never get to feel that anything's clean
Is anything clean?

Copyright © 2010 For Greater Consciousness (Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh), some rights reserved.

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