For Greater Consciousness | Socially Conscious Piano Rock

Today Is Beautiful

Today is beautiful,
just look outside.
From the curb of your office
gaze at the sky.
Way up high, there still exist things that
used to be on the ground.
The birds and the flowers that all got paved over are
still around.


You are beautiful,
though few people see
They're all obsessed with the things that
they think everyone should be
But you are yourself,
not staged or a game
I'm so glad that you of all people
know my name. Know my na-ay-ame, yeah!

Life is beautiful, yeah...
did you know that
when we ignore all distractions there's
nowhere worth going we can't go?
Work every day
towards dearest dreams,
and remember that something worth finding takes time
but we can someday get there no matter how hard it seems.

Copyright © 2010 For Greater Consciousness (Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh), some rights reserved.

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